Han Ga In is pregnant with her first child!

Actress Han Ga In and her husband Yoon Jung Hoon will finally become parents after 9 years into marriage! On April 21st, BH Entertainment said through press releases,"Han Ga In is in her 7th week of pregnancy. Because she wasn't sure for the first couple of weeks so we didn't announce it sooner","This is such a good news but because the whole nation is mourning for the sinking ferry accident, she's also feeling sad about it and was cautious whether she should announce it or not"

About Yoon Jung Hoon, he was very happy when he heard about the news. The couple said because it's still an early pregnancy, also this is their first child so they are very careful about it and only told the good news to the people that they're close with.

Congratulation to Han Ga In and Yoon Jung Hoon!