Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon investigated by police for hitting her friend + SM Entertainment releases official statement

On April 1st, various media outlets reported that a member from Girls' Generation was investigated by Yongsan Police Station for a minor assault scandal, and that member later revealed to be Hyoyeon

It was said that the accident happened at night on March 30th when Hyoyeon was staying at an acquaintance's house. She was playing with her male friend and at one moment, she jokingly said that she was going to jump from the second floor. The male friend accidentally got hit near the eye area while he was trying to stop her action.

The male friend got angry so he called for police and filed her for assault charge. They were under investigation for 2 days on March 30th & 31st. During the investigation process, the male friend said,"I reported her for hitting me while we was playing around, but now I think about it, I don't think she did it on purpose". The police also stated that since there was no serious damage, and because it was a misleading situation, so we concluded it as "no suspicion of wrong doing".

SM Entertainment released a statement over this issue,"Hyoyeon was just playing with her friend then this situation happened which leaded to police involvement. But this was cleared up as just a minor incident. We'll be careful in the future to not cause any more misunderstandings"