Block B's B-Bomb explains Kim Sae Ron's 'finger' in their Jackpot MV

Block B's fans are very curious upon noticing actress Kim Sae Ron's 'mosaic' finger in the group's newly released MV for 'Jackpot'.

The actress appeared on their newest MV as the female lead, whom the boys are chasing. However, with fans' assumption, it was deemed that Kim Sae Ron looks like swearing at the boys in the ending part. Prior to that, Block B's B-Bomb uses his twitter account to explain the misunderstanding,

"Kim Saeron's finger is not cursing in Block B's Jackpot MV; It was like this actually!!! Everyone let's rock and roll!!!" and attached a photo of his hand making a 'rock & roll' sign.

Watch their MV if you haven't and tell us your opinion.