B.A.P releases 'B.A.P RECORDING TAKE 4'

B.A.P released their new pictorials and DVD called 'B.A.P RECORDING TAKE 4' as a limited edition.

The pictorials feature the highlights of their successful career, starting from 'Badman' to their 1st regular album, 'First Sensibility.' It will also show BTS photos of 'Badman' MV shooting, preparations of '1004(Angel),' and the memories of their first #1 debut.

A 70-minute long DVD is included. It shows behind-the-scenes of 'Badman' and '1004(Angel)' MV shootings, and the members' hidden selfies.

Meanwhile, B.A.P released their 3rd Japanese single, 'NO MERCY.'

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.com
SOURCE: Star News