Yonghwa puts an end to dating rumors involving SNSD's Seohyun

It must be a sad news for Yonghwa-Seohyun couple's fans as CNBlue's Yonghwa puts an end to dating rumors surrounding him and his ex-virtual wife in we Got Married.

On the March 5th episode of Radio Star, Yonghwa was asked about the dating rumors surrounding him and SNSD's Seohyun. The MCs threw questions such as, "When you were doing We Got Married with Seohyun, dating rumors appeared. In fact, there was the news about you living in the same villa as her."

In response to this, Yonghwa answered quickly, "Yes it's the same villa but we're living in different buildings.We are not dating." To further clarify his situation, he added, "There was a report that I got into Seohyun's van and it was true. However, it was because I got confused. Their (SNSD) van's plate number is almost similar to ours so I thought it's ours."

The hosts insisted, "Don't you like Seohyun's type?" In which Yonghwa frankly answered, "I would be lying if I said I never had feelings for her but it was for the broadcast. I'm trying my best because there are lot of people eyeing on us."

On the other hand, Yonghwa also cleared up another dating rumor involving Park Shin Hye. He explained that they are just close friends but due to the reports claiming that they are dating, he and Shin Hye become very careful and don't meet often.