Upcoming rookie idol group High4’s member Kim Sunggu reveals sticker photos with IU, MBLAQ’s Thunder and Fiestar’s Hyemi

Two sticker photos of IU, MBLAQ’s Thunder, Fiestar’s Hyemi with High4's Kim Sunggu, an upcoming rookie group of four, was revealed by High4's agency, N.A.P Entertainment.

On the the sticker photos, the four posed cutely and displayed their closeness, being comfortable with each other, and their long-time friendship.

It was disclosed that IU and High4’s Kim Sunggu have known each other since their trainee days way back in 2006, while Thunder introduced Kim Sunggu as his best friend on MBC every1’s program 'Idol Manager' in 2012.

High4 is composed of Kim Sunggu (vocal), Baek Myunghan (vocal), Lim Youngjun (rapper) and Alex (rapper). They are going to debut with IU's co-produced and written song, 'Spring, Love, No Cherry Blossoms.' They are planning to debut on April 8th.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net