TVXQ say they fought a lot after becoming a duo

Changmin and Yunho confessed they used to fight with each other a lot after the split.

In the broadcast of Mnet's "Beatles Code 3D" on March 13th, Changmin said,"When there were five of us, I already felt that the two of us are very different, but after becoming a duo, I didn't know if I should take all the responsibility and how to understand him. So we fought with each other a lot four years ago"

Yunho said,"We really fought a lot but we became much closer after that". Changmin then mentioned how they fought about minor things such as how Yunho touches the mouth of the PET bottle while drinking water, or how he put up his legs on the back seat in a car, and so on.

But these days they are able to sort it out, Changmin said he is able to directly tell Yunho if there's any dissatisfaction, he said,"We watch some fanmade videos and I can tease Yunho hyung if there's anything that funny. I think we naturally become closer by that"