Teen Top's Niel calls him mom by her name?

Teen Top Niel and his mother spent 24 hours together in the special episode of Mamma Mia on March 12 host by Park Misun, Lee Young Ja, and Heo Gyeong Hwan.

The 24-hour trip reveals some interesting facts about Niel's relationship with his mom while answering some questions. In the trip, Niel often called her mom by her name 'SoYoung' and sometimes 'Young' thus questions were thrown at him.

In question why Niel called her mom by her name instead of typical 'Omma', Niel explained, "It was like that since I entered middle school. I've met a lot of friends who are doing the same too. So I thought it's just casual to call 'Young' this way." He also added that he treats his mom like a friend that's why.

Niel and his whole family appeared on the special program as well and more revelations about their close relationship are revealed.

Source: Nate
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net