Teen Top's L.Joe flatters and supports Lunafly's Teo

Different company and genre but Teen Top and Lunafly display no boundaries when supporting fellow artist.

On March 10, Lunafly release their MV and album for comeback single 'SPecial Guy'. Aside from the support of their labelmates from Nega Network with the likes of Brown Eyed Girls' members and staff, Teen Top's L.Joe also expresses his support.
to Lunafly member Teo.

He tweeted through his twitter account, "#SpecialGuy song makes me excited, Teo is so so awesome ;;; Teo ya do you see this😑." in which Lunafly Teo replied, "I saw but could you remove this (;;).. Lunafly's Special Guy is awesome, the song has been released. It's good and exciting so listen to it, L.Joe recommended it."

The two must be very close to show their support like this. Aren't you going to follow L.Joe's recommendation? You could listen to Lunafly's 'Special Guy' below: