Super Junior Donghae and 2NE1's Dara reveal their 10 years of friendship

Majority of you must be surprised but Super Junior Donghae and 2NE1's Dara have been friends for over 10 years.

It's  not revealed until Dara herself posted a photo with Donghae on her twitter account and surprised her and Donghae's fans as she wrote, "Really it's been a while since I met my friend for 10years, with Donghae~!!! It was really nice to meet you~ I'll also look forward for a good stage in the future! Hwaiting ^.^ @donghae861015". In the photo, Donghae is holding 2NE1's 'Crush' album.

To confirm this, Donghae uploaded the same picture on his instagram account and wrote, "Wow!! Over 10 years already!! DH&Dara". Fans are most surprised by this friendship since Dara was still active in the Philippines back then while Donghae was still a trainee at SM.

Fans commented,"This is so precious! Seeing Dara with a guy friend not from the same company.","Oh my God! I didn't expect this coming. My two bias!"."Dara surely has a lot of surprises.","I knew it! Dara doesn't follow someone whom she is not connected too, but Donghae? So surprising!","God bless your friendship!"

Are you also surprised?