SPICA’s Bohyung proudly reveals her weight

SPICA’s Bohyung is praised for her honesty and being proud.

On the March 1st episode of Y-STAR’s program “Gourmet Road,” comedian Shinyoung noticed and commended Bohyung as she appeared now slimmer than when she debuted. Bohyung proudly disclosed, “I weigh 51 kilograms now.”

In K-Pop scene, her weight is beyond the normal weight range of the girl idols which only falls from 40 kg to 50 kg. With her revelation, her fellow members, Juhyun and Narae, came to the rescue. They reasoned out that when she was weighed, she was wearing heavy shoes and performance clothes.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: Ilgan Sports