SBS denies the confirmation of 'Running Man' Chinese version

Previously, it was reported that the production of "Running Man" Chinese version was confirmed and it will be broadcast in the fourth quarter of this year, however SBS later officially denied the confirmation.

On March 24th, SBS released a statement,"Zhejjang TV previously reported on March 20th that there will be a Chinese version of "Running Man", but in fact it's still under discussion, we haven't signed any contract yet"

They continued by saying that the decision was just one-sided from China, and Zhejjang TV published it without mutual agreement. Also about the line-up cast members and how the staff from both sides will co-operate and work on this version, nothing has been decided yet.

SBS also pointed out that the SBS only has official Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts, and the SBS Weibo account is fake and they will take legal action of this issue.

About the rumour of f(x)'s Victoria will be one of the fixed cast of "Running Man" Chinese version, SM Entertainment later denied and said they had no idea about it.