Rookie boy group Mr. Mr. release song titled 'Mr. Mr.' in response to SNSD's

On February 28, Rookie boy group Mr.Mr. released a track titled 'Mr. Mr.' to directly diss SNSD's 'Mr. Mr.' Don't be confused if you read a lot of 'Mr.' 

Apparently, the boy group's agency Winning Insight M, frankly stated the reason behind releasing the same single right after SNSD's "Mr. Mr." which is released on February 24. They stated, "Our song is towards Girls' Generation and their agency, SM Entertainment. Releasing a song with the same title as our group is making a quite damage, especially that our group is preparing to release an album."

The song's lyrics itself is directed to SNSD if you interpret it that way, though the story is about an inferior guy dissing a superior man. It has an RnB beat and smexy vocals of the boys that added pain to the song about betrayal.

Fans are divided as they commented, "They are making a big deal out of it. It's their choice to use whatever title they want.","I understand where they are coming, for a rookie group to have a head on head battle with the same title against a big group is pretty hard.","I feel bad for Mr. Mr. but it's childish to diss SNSD this way.","They have been working hard and to be threatened like this is really bothering.","Imagine if it's the other way round, Mr. Mr. uses Girls' Generation as their title, who wouldn't react?" and so on.

Who's side are you taking? Meanwhile, listen to Mr. Mr.'s song below: