Park Se Young was surprised at Wooyoung's sudden intimate action

In the broadcast of MBC's "We Got Married" on March 22, Wooyoung and Park Se Young had a cozy movie session together in their bedroom.

But the movie seemed to make Park Se Young sleepy, to this Wooyoung offered to give her a shoulder massage which made her praise him,"It's like a machine".

Later while watching the movie, Wooyoung suddenly put Park Se Young's head to rely on his shoulder, but it took her only a few seconds and she lifted her head up.

Park Se Young said in her interview,"His sudden action startled me. I didn't know what I should react to it at that short moment"

Wooyoung also shared his thought,"I also wondered what would happen if I did it, but then I got embarrassed by Se Young","I got dumped", and made everyone laugh over his statement.

Park Se Young then explained,"It's not like I rejected it, but because it was too sudden so I was a little shy"