Lee Jong Suk apologizes, "I didn't see the fan, I'm sorry, I was all wrong"

In response to the 'unkind' behavior of actor Lee Jong Suk towards a fan at the Incheon airport yesterday, he offered a letter of apology through his fancafe on 28th.

A 'Letter of Apology' is posted on his official fancafe and it was written,

"After finishing my schedule, I could finally get the grip of what is happening. To start with, I am very very sorry and am very apologetic for surprising you... It seems that my words and actions contradict me so I am very upset and scared that my actions in the future would appear fake in your eyes."

"Whatever it is or even if I explain a hundred of times, what I did is definitely my fault. In fact, I think that my fans need my explanation... To begin with, I usually get over-protected because I am the main product of our company and it does bother me as well. There was a trouble coordinating with my recent schedule in Hongkong."

Regarding the behavior toward the fan who was trying to hand him a gift, Lee Jong Suk wrote, "I didn't see the fan then I felt someone pulled my arm. Of course, I thought it was my manager so I pulled it away.  There were many reporters so I got embarrassed and didn't manage to hide my expression. Apparently, the fan is one I haven't seen before so I am really really sorry and I was wrong. I will do better in the future." 

At the end of the day, it's nice of him to address the issue and offer an apology explaining his side. We hope it could somehow lessen the fan's feeling as the actor offers his sincere apology and promises a better behavior in the future.

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net
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