Kyuhyun enjoys food trip with BFF Changmin

Super Junior Kyuhyun is in the midst of his food travel with his bestfriend TVXQ's Changmin. Touring restaurants in Gyeongju until Busan, Kyuhyun must be full eating delicious Korean delicacies around and drags Changmin.

In his twitter updates, Kyuhyun wrote,"With ShimChwang while travelling to delicious restaurants..kkk Sokcho crab... Jang noodles... eating and sightseeing in Gyeongju^^." He added in his next update, "Busan!! As I arrived in Haeundae, I have roasted clams and eel then went to Badamaeul.. I treat my stomach with cod soup and came back after eating Hoddeok in Nampodong.. what is this emptiness.. Coming in 30minutes to eat Hoddeok is not right I think.. kk"

Along with his updates are photos of his food trip with Changmin and photos of the food that they've eaten. Looks like he's not yet finish touring for food. Let's see. Enjoy the delicious food below:

Meanwhile, Super Junior-M are making comeback in China with their mini album 'Swing' which is scheduled to be released on March 21.

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