Jackie Chan's JJCC release group image and information about its 5 members

Jackie Chan's upcoming 5-member boy group Double JC (JJCC) finally unveil the image of its 5 members. We already got a hint when one member is revealed to be the Master Chef Korea's finalist Oh Jong Seok, who will debut as Eddy as his stage name.

JJCC's four members are South Korean including SimBa, E.Co, Eddy, and SanCheong. In addition to them is a Chinese-Australian national named Prince Mak. All are in their early 20s and have a total average height of 180cm tall which visuals appeal to the fans.

The group's leader SimBa is displaying a strong masculine charm while E.co is boasting a mysterious charisma with a height of 186cm. Both have become models and in charge of rap in the group. Moreover, Eddy, from Olive TV's Master Chef Korea possesses great vocal skills and has mastered 'Jackie Chan Stunt Group' which skills are enough to be kept an eye on for an all-around entertainer. Meanwhile, the youngest SanCheong from Daegu displays rebellious charm. Finally, Prince Mak who stood out after placing first in a famous Chinese music survival audition program.

Their agency, The Jackie Chan Group Korea said, "All JJCC members have skills in rapping, singing, and songwriting skills. In addition to that, they are also skillful in various dance performances like popping, jazz, and more. Each members are expected to represent Asia through their individual and unique talents which when summed up together can produce synergy. Please look forward for JJCC."

The group are debuting this March. Are you anticipating already? Meanwhile, JJCC are going to make their public appearance at Jackie Chan's charity concert '2014 Peace & Love & Friendship' in Beijing, China on April 6

Source: Nate
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net