Jackie Chan treats JJCC in his private jet

How lucky can you get if Jackie Chan is at your back?

That's what JJCC are experiencing right now. In a recent video uploaded through their Youtube account, the group formed by Jackie Chan is gaining recognition although they haven't made their official debut yet.

In the video, the members were seen relaxing inside Jackie Chan's private jet for an overseas activity of the superstar. They are also seen holding a pocket money given to them by Jackie Chan. They are chatting when Jackie walked behind them smiling like a father, showing a warm atmosphere.

Netizens commented,"If they are backed up with a superstar what can you expect?","This is the level they are in already.","I can't deny the fact that I'm anticipating them because of Jackie Chan.","I can't wait for their debut!" and so on.

JJCC are having their debut on March 20, meanwhile watch below: