Park Hyung Sik, 'Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin are very funny and playful'

On March 24th, Park Hyung Sik guested on MBC radio "Shindong's ShimShimTaPa" and shared some of his stories when he was filming for "The Heirs".

Shindong asked him about the atmosphere while filming the drama, to this he answered,"Since the actors are almost the same age with each other so the atmosphere was very good".

He then continued,"Especially Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin were the mood makers. They seem to look reserved on the outside but they are actually very funny and playful".

Hyung Sik was also asked if there's a project in which he needs to expose his body then would he do it, and he said yes without any hesitation, proved his passion for acting.