Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr. Mr.’ Music Video Surpasses 9 Million Views. @SMTOWN @GirlsGeneration @Sunnyday515 @sjhsjh0628

It seems Girls’ Generation’s lucky number is indeed number ‘9’ as the music video for their comeback track ‘Mr. Mr’ surpassed 9 million views on its 9th day of release which is on March 9th, 2014.

Nation’s girl group, Girls’ Generation recently had their comeback stages through various music shows on which they performed ‘Mr. Mr’, ‘Wait a Minute’ and ‘Back Hug’. But before their comeback stage, a few unfortunate incidents happened including the loss of data during the editing process of their music video causing them to delay its release as well as their comeback. The tracks were also leaked a day before its official release.

Although the group had a hard time during the preparation and fans had to wait for a few more days, the music video was finally released on February 28th at 10PM, making ‘#소녀시대미스터미스터’ ’#소녀시대and ‘Mr.Mr’ to trend worldwide and in various countries on Twitter, SONEs have proven their power once again.

On its first day, the video already surpassed 3 million views and some tracks topped various music charts. But on its 9th day of release, the music  video reached over 9 million views and what makes it special is it reached 9 million on March 9th which is Girls’ Generation’s leader, Taeyeon’s birthday.

Moreover, the group also won with ‘Mr. Mr.’ on Inkigayo on its March 9th airing, causing ‘#MrMr2ndwin’ to trend number 1 Worldwide on Twitter. Girls’ Generation must be happy that they have 9 members as number 9 is apparently their lucky number.

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