Crayon Pop's revelations about their upcoming front acts on Lady Gaga's concert

Crayon Pop help a press conference and showcase for their 5th single, 'Uh-ee' at Gwanghwamun Olleh Square on March 28th.

Crayon Pop talked about their upcoming front acts on Lady Gaga's concert tour. They said, "At first we couldn't believe it, we were really surprised. And we also heard that it was Lady Gaga herself who decided to request for us."   

Wei revealed that Lady Gaga asked for their participation for the whole three months, but unfortunately they had to make it to a month only due to conflict of schedule, which was understood and accepted by Lady Gaga. Wei also shared that they will not just perform 'Bba Bba Bba' because Lady Gaga gave them 30 minutes resulting to four performances."

Geum Mi added, "All in all, twelve shows are in line. We'll go around USA and Canada for interviews with local press, and we hope to be able to do street performances as well."
On the other news, today is the day for Crayon Pop's comeback showcase at Gwanghwamun Square, while 'Uh-ee' and its music video will be officially released on April 1st.

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SOURCE: Star News