Chanyeol and Chen reveal EXO is currently preparing for a new album

On March 15th, EXO' Chanyeol and Chen guested on SBS POWER FM "KWill's Youngstreet".

The two talked about how 2013 was such a great year for EXO as they received lots of awards and also love from many people. When they were asked about their current status, Chen said,"We have been preparing for a new album ever since we finished our activities last year" and sparked the curiosity by saying "The concept is a secret". K-Will then commented that he is really looking forward to their new album.

Chanyeol then said,"The members are currently practicing and also resting at the same time" and "These days we eat a lot Italian food like pizza and pasta"

It seems EXO boys are going to make a comeback soon. Are you excited?