Apink's Eunji was impressed with Do Hee's dialect in 'Reply 1994'

On March 2nd, Apink's Eunji and Tiny-G's Do Hee appeared together on SBS' '1000 Songs Challenge".

During the show, when MC Lee Hwi Jae mentioned that both of them starred in "Reply 1997" and "Reply 1994", Eunji then said,"I made a phone call to Shin Won Ho director of "Reply 1994" and he said this to me,"There's someone who is just like you. She really just speaks with her dialect. It was fun filming with her""

She then added,"I only saw one of the "Reply 1994" shootings and it was awesome. I was really impressed with her strong dialect accent"

Do Hee then also showed her grateful by saying she watched "Reply 1997" more than 3 times and it helped a lot for her acting, she also said she's an Apink's fan.