Agencies deny SS501's Kim Hyung Jun and actress So Yi Hyun dating issue

SS501's Kim Hyung Jun and actress So Yi Hyun have been reported dating by <>. According to the news site, they have been dating for one year and underwent lovers' crisis but overcome it. They added that the couple has been enjoying their time mostly in their car where they meet and openly expressing their affection to each other.

However, their respective agencies are quick to respond and deny the claimed reports. So Yi Hyun agency, Keyeast, told TV Daily, "It is right that So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun became close acquaintance after their drama 'Sunshine Girl." , "However, the two only has close sunbaenim-hoobae relationship and they are not dating."

Official from Kim Hyung Jun agency also denied the dating report,"There's no other associated relationship between Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun other than friendship." He added that the dating report is a baseless rumor.

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