Actor Lee Min Ho earns praises for handshaking fans despite of tight security

Actor Lee Min Ho earns extra respect and praises for reaching out to fans to give handshakes despite of the tight security.

Lee Min Ho arrived at Gimpo International Airport on March 27 in the afternoon to depart for Yokohama, Japan where he is scheduled to hold a fanmeeting.

The actor arrived surrounded with many suited-bodyguards since flock of fans came to send him off. Despite of the tight security, Lee Min Ho reaches out his hand ignoring his bodyguard to grant the fans' handshake request.

Photos of him smiling warmly while shaking fans' hands were uploaded and impress netizens. A particular photo of a mother-fan who is even holding a baby on her chest displayed a heartwarming atmosphere.

Netizens commented,"How can be this person so perfect? Good looks, talented and has a big heart.","It's alright not to shake hand just smile but he still did it, so proud of you!","What a kind being.","I am very proud to be your fan.","He is very respectful."and so on.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is holding a two-day fanmeeting in Yokohama, Japan as the final stop of his Asia tour.

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