Actor Lee Jong Suk is criticized for refusing to accept fan's gift

[Updated with video below]Lee Jong Suk is causing controversy for his 'unkind' attitude towards a fan at Incheon airport.

Actor Lee Jong Suk appeared at Incheon Airport on March 27 to depart for Hongkong. He is invited to attend the opening of 'Hugo Boss' store.

According to Sports Chosun, upon his arrival, Lee Jong Suk is approached by a fan and tried to hand her gift to the actor, but Lee Jong Suk appeared to be displeased and refused to accept the gift while pulling his arm. Moreover, the manager beside him is surprised and seemed embarrassed and pulled the actor away.

Photos of him were uploaded on the internet and netizens reacted, "It seemed like Lee Jong Suk is the one who got surprised.","No matter how busy you are, you should at least accept the gift.","The fan seemed pulling his arm and Lee Jong Suk pulled it away.","He must be in a hurry,","It's just  a photo, we didn't know what really happened." and so on.

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