100% release shocking teaser images for 'Heart is Racing' mini album

100% are coming back with five and even fiercer members and to commence, they release solo concept photos of the members.

As what their title track says, 100% are going to make you hearts race with their shocking images.

In the photos, the members deal with two faced concept. One half of the photo is the normal face and other hald is a monster-like image with their heavy make up smudged giving a scary atmosphere. Their expressions are even more shocking as they wrinkled their faces.

100% are going to release their 2nd mini album 'Heart is Racing' on March 17. Before that, Hyukjin, Jonghwan, Rockhyun, Chanyong, and Changbum are going to perform their newest song at 'M! Countdown' on the 13th. Check out their solo photos below: