ZE:A's Hyung Sik happily departs for Sochi

On February 16th, ZE:A's Hyung Sik departed to Sochi (Russia) for the Olympic special episode of MBC's "Real Man".

He updated fans with a photo before leaving,"Now I'm going to Sochi to cheer!! I'm proud and honored to see our players and I'm happy that I'm able to support them directly! I will sincerely support you and not going to avoid it"

He also uploaded a photo along with the message. He was wearing a yellow jacket, wearing a snapcap and sunglasses while posing with a V sign, showed off his youthful and bright look.

In addition, for the Olympic special episode "Real Men Go To Sochi", Hyung Sik along with Seo Kyung Suk will be the MCs instead of Kim Soo Ro due to his busy schedule that he won't be able to appear in this special trip.