YG Entertainment reveals first teaser photo for 2NE1's new album 'CRUSH'

On February 24th, first teaser photo featuring Sandara Park for 2NE1's upcoming album was unveiled through YG Official Blog.

The poster is filled with a dark blue color theme, Sandara appeared wearing sparkly smoky eyes make-up, and was wearing a black beanie. In particular, her hair was also dyed in dark blue and was cut short at one side, exuded her chic looking.

One more thing that attracts people's attention is the title "Come Back Home" as it has the same name as Seotaiji and Boys' 4th album, and since the image of Sandara in this album somehow reminds everyone to Seotaiji back in the days, so many people are curious about what kind of song that the girls will bring in this time.

In addition, the album will be released online on February 26th at midnight, after that they will hold 2 concerts in Seoul on March 1st and 2nd as the beginning of their 2nd world tour "ALL OR NOTHING".