Tiny G's Dohee rises as a new 'eating idol'

Dohee's "eating show" is becoming a hot topic.

In the broadcast of SBS' "Star King" on February 8th, a person named Na Seung Hyun made an appearance and performed his skill of taking out the meat of 50 clams with a knife in just 47 seconds.

Later he used the meat and made various delicious dishes with them which made everyone drooling, and Dohee was luckily chosen as the one to taste the dishes. She then started inhaling the smell of the food and commented in her dialect,"It's freaking delicious. It's just melted. Also do not give me anymore of this", which made everyone laugh over her statement.

Netizen commented,"She's so cute","The way she eats looks so delicious","I want to eat them too", and so on.