Tiny-G's Dohee, "My complex is my thick accent"

In the latest episode of ‘One Night TV Entertainment’, they asked celebrities about their complexes. Choi Jin Hyuk revealed that his complex is looking older than his real age, and Tiny G’s Dohee shared her complex on her thick accent. 

Dohee said, "Because my accent was strong, I had no choice but to do a mysterious concept. Because of it, I became a bit timid wherever I went, and I was worried a lot when I had to speak the standard language. After debut, I think I became dispirited."

Dohee later admitted that now the accent was a part of who she is. Her role in ‘Reply 1994’ brought her many positive reactions and she was asked to speak in her accent constantly. She is happy with it now.

Do you think her accent is attractive?