SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA Tickets for the New York City leg of Teen Top World Tour ‘High Kick’ USA will be on sale at www.krowdpop.com on the 17th of February 2014 at 7PM EST. New York is the first city to hit its social demand through votes on Krowdpop and has gone into the prefunding stage of the campaign.

Ticket types that will be available are Super VIP Pit at $250 which comes with an exclusive autograph session (fan singing) and opportunity to get up close and personal through a hitouch.

VIP Pit at $180, VIP GA Floor and VIP Promenade at $150, all of which come with a hitouch.

These are exclusive, Krowdpop only, tickets for those fans that have supported the show to existence.

If the prefunding stage of the campaign is successful, the concert will take place on the 23rd of March 2014 at 7PM EST at the New York Best Buy Theatre.

This is the first time in history where a popular Kpop group from Korea is utilizing a crowdsourcing platform to build a campaign around the decision making process of the locations of their US stops. During this inaugural launch, Teen Top and Krowdpop developer, KPOP UNITED, hopes to bring Kpop shows to cities that typically don’t get shows, but have enough of a consumer demand.