T-ara's Hyomin shows support for 'Mr. Mr.' and snaps lovely selca with Sunny

T-ara's Hyomin shares a loving and adorable selca with her close friend SNSD's Sunny.
The photo is uploaded through her twitter account as she wrote,

"Saying sorry for not being able to come to the preview (movie), and takes time from her busy time to appear in front of my house, Soonkyu... she came to promote the movie with his jinx pose.. Even though it's embarrassing.. you're such a very wonderful friend....!! Your next album will surely be successful~~~ Mr. Mr.♥"

Attached is a heartwarming photo of Hyomin and Sunny together while making cute poses. Both are looking flawlessly pretty showing their tight friendship which they have built during their time in Invincible Youth.

How sweet are they!