Orange Caramel stare at the mysterious lady in 2nd teaser for 'Catallena'

Is the mysterious lady behind the leg is Orange Caramel's new member?

Fans have always love Orange Caramel for having their unique concept and it's no difference this time. The 2nd image teaser for Orange caramel's comeback is relesed on 20th, with the word 'Catallena' written on it.

The image shows the members Raina, Nana, and Lizzy staring at the leg of a mysterious lady who is yet to be revealed while leaning on a wall.

The girls are wearing seemingly polka dots outfits same with the mysterious lady. The same leg appeared in the first teaser photo and assumed to be Catallena. She leaves wonder among the fans and they are assuming that she could be a new member perhaps.

What do you think? Let's see tomorrow are they will release the 3rd teaser.