Lee Min Woo reveals what Shinhwa members are up to lately

In the broadcast of MBC's "Radio Stars" on February 26th, Lee Min Woo made a guest appearance along with Hong Ji Gyeong, Park Hwi Sun, Yoon Hyung Bin and Gain.

The MC asked Min Woo what have Shinhwa members been doing these days, to this he answered,"We're all having our good times".

He then added,"Eric is having a hobby of collecting knives these days. Dongwan recently had a long trip to Canada". Following he said,"Junjin is enjoying drinking" and then made a drinking gesture which made everyone laugh. For Shin Hye Sung, he said,"He's supposed to prepare for a new album but he's just into screen golf and baseball"

Also during the show, Lee Min Woo also mentioned that he wants to date a non-celebrity girl.