Happy birthday to Jung Joon Young

Name: Jung Joon Young
English name: Andrew Jung
Nickname: Raccoon
Birth date: February 21, 1989
Nationality: Korean
Weight: 65 Kg
Debut: 2010 digital album single, “Rock Trip”
Hobbies: X-Sport, basketball.
Bands: Flower Mist, SwitchOn (current)
Favorite music/genre: Metal.
Favorite musician: Guns and Roses.
Ideal type: Eom Jee Won / Girls with short hair.
Show: Ulzzang Shidae Season 5, Superstar K4
Models for: ABOKI, Tomonari, BigPai, Pinkage, Elvandress


♠ Joon Young is an Ulzzang, a Superstar K4’s Finalist, a Model & a Singer.
♠ Joon Young is also fluent in English, Chinese, Tagalog and Japanese.
♠ Joon Young once lived in Indonesia from 0-5 years old then China after that, then France, England, Japan and in the Philippines. He was back in Korea at the age of 18 years old. 
♠ Before, Joon Young works for Park TaeJun’s Shopping mall, ABOKI, Bigpai and Pinkage.
♠ Joon young is friends with Lee ChiHoon, Park JiHo, Park TaeJun, Kang HyukMin (Ulzzangs), Actress Go EunAh, LedApple Youngjun, Superstar K4 co-finalist Roy Kim, Kim Jung Hwan and Yoo Seung Woo.
♠ Joon Young was an unofficial member of Led Apple between December 2010 - Aprill 2011, but never got to debut.
♠ Joon Young has been known for his similar appearance to actor Kang Dong Won.

cre: http://fuckyeah-joonyoung.tumblr.com/