Goo Hye Sun is confirmed to star in SBS' drama 'Angel Eyes'

Goo Hye Sun will make her onscreen comeback in a new SBS' drama "Angel Eyes" (temporary title).

Her last work was also an SBS' drama "Take Care of Us, Captain" in 2011. For the drama this time, she will work again with Jun Jin Ryun scriptwriter who also wrote for KBS's hit drama "Boys Over Flower" back in 2009. The director of "Yawang" and "Ghost" - Park Shin Woo PD will be working for this drama.

Goo Hye Sun will play as Yoon Soo Wan who works as 119 EMT(Emergency Medical Technician). She is a passionate worker but she suffers from painful memories of her first love.

"Angel Eyes" will revolve around two lovers that had to separate from each other because of their families, and later they have a reunion after 12 years.

The drama will be broadcast after "The Woman Who Married Three Times" ends.