Gary makes a cameo appearance on 'Emergency Couple'

In the broadcast of tvN's drama "Emergency Couple" episode 8th, "Monday Couple" had a small reunion as Gary made a surprise appearance in the drama.

He cameo-ed as a replacement driver and he brought much laughter despite the short air time. In this episode, Oh Jin Hee(Song Ji Hyo) was drunk and Gary appeared as her driver to take her home. Oh Jin Hee said in her drunk,"Gary ahjussi" to this he replied,"Who is Gary? I'm Daeli (daeli = replacement, it's a pun)" which made may viewers laugh over the scene.

Song Ji Hyo's character even sang a little bit of Gary's new song "Shower Later", and even complimented him as a handsome man and said he's her style, added more fun to the episode.

If you haven't watched it, check out the video below.