EXO Chen expresses his gratitide for working with his seniors

EXO's Chen expresses his gratitude for being able to be part of SM The Ballad's 2nd album and be able to work alongside his seniors.

Therefore, he wrote a message on 13th,

Hello this is EXO's Chen. ^^

I was able to pass this cold winter!
However I feel rather disappointed no matter how much I like winter hehe 

Because you guys gave us so much~love last year, I am returning to see you along with SMTOWN's seniors as SM The Ballad this time.

Finally today is the day to present you our showcase performance. Even though I'm nervous performaing together with seniors, I want to thank you for your cheers.

Please also give love to Li Yin noona and I's duet 'Breath' which will be released tomorrow!!^^

Chen and Zhang Li Yin perform the Chinese version of their 2nd title song 'Breath' which the album is scheduled to be released today.