Cube Entertainment unleashes BTOB's 4th mini album “Beep Beep” track list!

Cube Entertainment uploaded on their Twitter the photo above.

The photo revealed the track list of BTOB's 4th mini album 'Beep Beep.' It has five songs with 'Beep Beep Honk Honk' as its title track. The other songs are 'Has It Ended?', 'Hello', 'Hello Mello', and 'Never-ending (Melody).' 

'Beep Beep Honk Honk' is written and produced by Brave Brothers, 'Hello' was done by Team One Sound, 'Hello Mello' is composed and written with the help of Ilhoon and Minkyul while 'Never-ending (Melody)' is composed by Hyunsik, Changsub, and Eunkwang.

Don't miss the album release on February 17th!

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SOURCE: @cubeunited