[Questions Selected] Ask Topp Dogg questions + win cool prizes

Dear DKPOPNEWS' readers, Topp Dogg just sent you guys a video shoutout last week and a great news to share with you guys here, we have teamed up with Topp Dogg's agency Stardom Entertainment for an interesting Question and Answer section.

You can ask the members of Topp Dogg any question and post on the comment box below, the members will select three questions and answer them.

Those who have their questions selected will receive a small but exclusive gifts from the boys, so what are you waiting for, follow the steps below:

1.) Write a question and post on the comment box below (Must be related to Topp Dogg)
2.) Selected questions will be announced on 23rd February

Have you checked out the video message above?

Selected Question
Anna Kmm Nilsson
Do you have any different or weird hobbies/ habits?

Have you ever searched for yourself on the internet?

If you had one minute to get out of a burning house and are only able to grab one item before escaping, what would it be and why?

Topp Dogg will send us the answers in a few days, stay tuned!