4-minute's Gayoon pre-debut photos surface, jaw surgery?

4-minute's Heo Gayoon's pre-debut photos surfaced online in community boards titled "Heo Gayoon debut photos, falling cheeks".

In a post wherein they've complied her early pre-debut days, Gayoon was seen looking innocent and young eating in a restaurant, classroom, and taking selcas in her room.

However, netizens noticed the little change in her jawline throughout the photos. She seemed like have had chubby cheeks when she was younger than her pictures nowadays, where she looks pretty with her v-line.

Netizens throw contradicting comments such as, "I didn't expect she did it. Her jaw is so perfect now.","Definitely not a surgery. She's so young and looked chubby but because of diet, she got thinner jaw now.","The difference of her jaw is really obvious.","She has been pretty ever since." and so on.

What do you think? Check more photos below: