Teen Top's Niel and ZE:A's Dongjun show their Shaolin skills for SBS's 'Fists of Shaolin Temple'

Teen Top Niel and ZE:A's Dongjun are receiving praises for their still cuts from SBS's Lunar New Year special program 'Fists of Shaolin Temple'.

Still cuts from the program have been released to the public. The two idols are showing their kung fu and stick fighting skills learned from their respective kung fu masters. Wearing their uniforms, the two displayed their firm and stable poses which make them look like kung fu students.

The program is going to air on January 30 at 5:20Pm KST. Aside from the two idols, Kim Byeong Man, Jang Woo Hyuk, and Yook Jung Wan will appear as well.
Watch the teaser below: