Sooyoung talks about her relationship on 'Midnight TV'

In the broadcast of SBS's "Midnight TV" on January 8th, Sooyoung mentioned her relationship with Jung Kyung Ho for the first time.

Yoon Do Hyun said to Sooyoung,"I finally meet the person who has been the hot topic for the last week". To this she answered,"I stayed silent because I couldn't announce our relationship before, but I feel better now thanks to everyone's blessing"

She also said,"I'm very sorry that I couldn't let you know about it earlier. It seems many of our fans were surprised. I was the most shocked. I want to apologize to them once again. I promise that you will hear a lot of good news from Girls' Generation various activities in 2014"

Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho admitted their relationship on January 3rd.