Rain, 'The next generation 'Prince of Dance' is SHINee's Taemin'

Rain recently said in an interview on MBC "Section TV" that Taemin is the junior singer who has attracted his attention recently.

When he was asked,"Is there anyone among the young generation that you keep an eye on?", to this Rain replied,"It's SHINee's Taemin. He dances well with a good sense of balance, he also has a good bodyline"

The reporter then said,"When it's dancing then Rain is the best right?", in this regard he jokingly replied,"I'm old now so I try to move as little as possible, but I still dance with my eyes"

In addition, he was also asked about his relationship with Kim Tae Hee,"Because of your relationship so you sure made a lot of girls with their hearts broken", clever enough he replied to this,"Instead I think I made a lot of men cry over it"