Rain and Jaejoong have an 'aegyo' kind of friendship?

Rain and JYJ's Jaejoong's close friendship was revealed in MNET's Rain Effect, a program that shows the daily life of an idol/singer.

On January 9, a kakaotalk convo between the two was revealed showing the two's unexpected 'aegyo-like' friendship as they comfortably exchange cute messages which reads:

Jaejoong: Hyung, happy new year~ 
Happy new year 

Rain: Uh, same to you happy new year. we should make this year a great one 

Jaejoong: Hyung it seems like you're working already since new year~ >.<

Rain: I have to earn a lot. so I could but something for you~!!

Jaejoong: Hyung... don't just say it treat me something delicious please ^^

Rain: You are earning a lot too, isn't time for you to treat me??

Seemed like Rain and Jaejoong are monitoring each others' earnings and asking for a treat? How adorable their friendship is, isn't it? Did you expect their friendship to be charming as this?

Watch the video below: