Nicole writes her first experience from America

After parting ways from KARA, Nicole departed for America on January 25 to receive 2-months training.

On January 30, Nicole left a message on her fansite [@nicoleingcom]. This is her first letter since she arrived in Los Angeles. Read below:

[Nicole]2014.01.30 brrrr it's cold~Hello ! haha
awhile ago i went out with lots of confidence, however i got lost on the way, and somehow because of the cold my phone suddenly died, got panic, finally i got back at home. in the end i bought body wash and water but it took around 1.5 hours? in all it took 2 hours ㅜㅜ sigh even then i slowly got to know the surroundings a little bit! haha it's just my face got all red . . . keke
it's new year right? haha everyone happy new year ! eat a warm tteokguk, have a nice time with family ! haha sounds delicious, tteokguk ㅠ kkya !! together with kimchi.. hahaargh i want to eat it too .. ㅜ
actually i'm still enjoying a short vacation ! the lessons will be starting soon ! haha i eat really a lot. kinda makes me worried ? hahaeverytime i see a new food or new desserts 'bbyong' i just fly away . ...

i shouldn't be like this though..

euaaaargh ㅜㅠ

i should control it.. i should work hard . .

i think it's dawn in korea right now.. everyone is sleeping right? keke sweet dreams everyone !i will meet you inside your dreams too.


aw *shriveling shriveling* (got embarrassed)

i will come again soon ~~ ^^

How sweet she is to share her experience from there, isn't she? Hope she can adapt to her surroundings soon! Are you excited to see her soon?

Message translated by: yooniqda_ via @_karaholic