Nickhun's badminton skills attract sport brand YONEX, signs a CF deal

2PM Nickhun's badminton skills attracted a sport brand and recently signed an endorsement deal with YONEX Korea. The brand particulars in sports equipment for badminton, golf and tennis.

On January 21, the promotional photos from his pictorial are made public. Nickhun showed a stable athlete pose that can be compared to a professional.

YONEX Korea's Kim Jeong Min explained, "YONEX has been using world star players for global campaign so this is the first time to chose a celebrity endorser from Korea." He added, "Nickhun has that stylish urban look and soft charm. We've seen his badminton skills from KBS 2TV's 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' and decided that he'll be the suitable model for YONEX."

Check out his photos below: