Mir, Kwanghee, Shindong talk about their popularity

MBLAQ's Mir, ZE:A's Kwanghee and Super Junior's Shindong appeared in the broadcast of KBS's "Family's Dignity : Full House" on January 24th and talked about their popularity.

Mir said,"In MBLAQ I'm the least popular member. I always have the smallest shout when I'm on stage. Perhaps Kwanghee and Shindong can sympathize with me on this"

Kwanghee then said,"At fanmeeting there's always a gift box behind each member, mine is always empty.", and made people around burst in laughter.

Shindong also shared,"There was once time when we go to the airport, because the other members walked in front of me so I had my road blocked by fans. When it's my birthday, I tell fans to use the money to buy our music instead of gifts. I won't get any gifts anyway", and made people laugh over his statement.