Legend group G.O.D to comeback in April

According to a source from Korean entertainment, the first generation idol group, G.O.D including Park Joon Hyung, Danny Ahn, Son Ho Young, Yoon Gye Sang, and Kim Tae Woo have been talking about their reunion and planning to comeback since last year. 

G.O.D’s last album is in 2005 named ‘To The Sky.’ Some friends of G.O.D said, “They have finished recording one track. A full-length album should contain at least 10 songs, so they are working hard to complete the rest by April. But the comeback date is still uncertain.” 

“G.O.D is planning to meet fans mainly through concerts, rather than TV appearance. The members had decided to get together to celebrate their 15th debut anniversary. They are so passionate and excited about the album.” He said.

Making debut in 1999, G.O.D released many hit songs such as ‘To Mother,’ ‘One Candlelight.’ ‘Love You and Remember,’ and ‘Sky Blue Balloon,’ becoming one of the biggest, most beloved group in Korea. 

After deciding to concentrate on individual career without making an official disband announcement in 2005. their comeback this time make fans anticipated.